We, WELLFORT, are a group with particular knowledge and professionalism in the Beauty & Cosmetic field.
We focus on international markets with high technology from Korean medical field. Being a globally advancing company, we have researched an advanced technology with low risk treatment and exporting this technique in the world.
The vision which we set up is for contributing to healthcare industry and well-being life by developing and marketing state of the art medical devices for Beauty & Cosmetic field. we have been researching and developing Beauty & Cosmetic therapeutic medical devices based on the vision we set.
We have been trying to extend our knowledge of Beauty & Cosmetic field by participating diverse seminars, exhibitions, trainings and conferences.
We are also putting our utmost effort to contribute to Beauty & Cosmetic field. So we are supplying safe and qualified high-end Beauty & Cosmetic medical devices with doctors and patients’ higher satisfaction.
We promise that we will do our best effort for cooperation and mutual benefit with client’ as well as that of global society with our passion, professionalism.

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Fort Line

Introducing the new line-up of medical protection equipment for complete protection in a professional environment in 2020.


Smooth & Fast skin repair system after derma treatment; Laser, Filler, Thread, or Others . .


CE certified Portable IPL device for blemish removal, skin rejuvenation, whitening, made in Korea. .



Aging skin regenerating booster serum . .


Dr.GRAFT(Shampoo) minimizes a scalp irritation and maintains a heathy hair by using a harmless Hypoallergenic natural surfactant. Dr.GRAFT(Tonic) a special scalp treatment is available by a strengthen skin barrier with Vitamin B3. .