Company Introduction


Company Name WELLFORT Co., Ltd.
License No. 380-81-00749
C.E.O Sam Hyungjin CHO
Establishment Year 2017, September
Core Business Sales, Export & R&D
of Medical Devices, Disposables, Functional Cosmetics
Address #501, Saimdang-ro 110, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
TEL +82-2-2088-4991
FAX +82-2-2088-4993
HOMEPAGE (Korea/Korean) (International/English)


WELLFORT Co., Ltd. is a Korean beauty medical device company that exports the products to all over the world with developing high-quality, safe medical devices and functional cosmetics. Our company was founded in 2017 to introduce various products for people around the world who love beauty in order to achieve our motto “WELL being and comFORTable life”.

WELLFORT Co., Ltd. has grown into a reliable company by supplying safe, certified products to customers by partnerships with trusted local suppliers and distributors. WELLFORT maintains continuous business relationships with 30 companies in 24 countries, including Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, and is striving to extend our business in North America, South America, and Africa.

WELLFORT Co., Ltd. is acquiring CE and FDA certifications as well as KFDA for new products in order to be recognized for the quality of the products at home and abroad. The WELLFORT Derma Basic, a recently developed functional cosmetics line, is in the final stage of EU CPNP registration process. Also, our platelet extraction device is in progress for overseas patent applications (US and Europe).

WELLFORT Co., Ltd. will always strive to provide the best products that are safe and reliable to our customers and partners. WELLFORT will always do our best to help improve the quality of life of our customers and partners through WELLFOR’s growth.


Business Areas

Product Manufacturing

We organized the “Product Department” to make reliable, affordable, and high-quality Medical Devices for effective post treatment care.
We are directly planning and manufacturing products for all our products.

Overseas Export

We organized the “Medical Department” to meet customer’s needs in plastic & aesthetic field as beauty is the basic instinct of human.

We also built the “Beauty Cosmetic Department” to extend the Beauty therapy. We have been supporting the advanced technique in beauty therapy field to all over the world.

Research & Development

We organized the “R&D Department” for Researching and Developing of the high-end medical devices and supports, and we have been putting steady efforts to develop new devices and technologies.

Discovering New Businesses

We organized the “New Business Department” for discovering of new devices and technology products that can be easily used at home.

License / Certificate